Zero Bezel Monitor – Is It Ok To Leave The Bezels Out?

Bezel gets its name from the diamond trades referring to the cuts made on the face of the stone. Later on, it was also used to remark to the ring encasing the dial in a watch. And now with the smart phones, it refers to the frame that keeps the phones in place.

The cell phones were often encompassed with these bezels in the early days. But with the advent of smart phones, we now have phones with almost zero bezel monitor. In fact, bigger the phones and smarter they became, the lesser the bezel or the frame to keep them stable was used.  Remember though bezels are more than just frames.

zevo basel monitor 3

But The Real Question Is Whether Bezels Are Necessary

  1. Ergonomic: They may definitely add an attractive quality to your phone. Yet, however, smart your devices is it requires a little amount of grip to keep your phone when handling it. So they are more of an ergonomic requirement than a beautification one. Without a bezel, your phone is like wet painting without a frame where the chances of the paint flowing around the canvas are high.
  2. Touch Issues: Imagine having a phone without a bezel to hold onto. Now think how your phone will distinguish between your finger’s touch when working on it when you are accidentally touching it. And we are a long way in developing that software.

zevo basel monitor 2

While there is a huge talk about having a new bezel-free phone, like the latest smart phone from Sharp, there really is no such thing as a zero bezel phone for now. Even the crystal from Sharp has a thin bezel which is almost invisible. Given that bezels are a secondary interface layer to the device, it will be sometime before we have a phone that has zero bezels in it.

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