World of Tanks; Still Going Strong

In a gaming scene dominated by MOBAs, the success and popularity of a game like World of Tanks otherwise known as WoT has baffled many people. There are players who have even tried this game expecting to be hooked but have found it unappealing. But still where other games are going through ups and downs constantly, WoT has pretty much held steady.

So what is their secret? It’s actually pretty easy to figure out once you put your mind to it. There are multiple factors that contribute to the game’s success and popularity among general players as well as professionals. There is even a regular betting scene going on. You can learn more about that at


Cultural phenomenon

In Europe as well as USA where the game enjoys the most fan-following, tanks have significance. There are still people around whose grandparents took part in real tank battles. The game started in Russia where tanks are not a stuff of legends but something that changed how wars are fought and won. So, it was a cultural phenomenon that had a huge appeal among a certain group of people. And once it gained more popularity, a lot of people just joined up to try and then kept playing.

Ease of access

The fact that anyone can play the game successfully has a lot to do with its popularity. You can be 5 year old or 50, the game is playable. The level of difficulty is low even but it’s not as easy as point and shoot. The fact that the game doesn’t really have many competitors helps too. All other tank games are quite simple with a much reduced damage model. WoT however is highly strategic with some very complex mechanics that make it a very interesting game. The other reason it is popular is that to begin with the game was pay to win model but now it’s a freemium game and you can assess all the features and advantages that are available to a premium player without spending a penny. The great graphics and really accurate tank models also help considerably.

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