WordPress: Find Out Why You Should Use it On Your Site Even Today

WordPress is amazing, and it’s free. You can rub your eyes because that’s right. WordPress, this blessed content manager is spoken about throughout the globe. If you’ve had enough of seeing people talking about it, but you’ve never taken the time to understand what, in fact, they are talking about. It’s time for your enlightenment, towards a more modern and competitive website!

To Start With, What is this WordPress Thing?

It may be Internet’s most famous content manager. With it, it is infinitely easier to have a competitive website and also keep your website up to date. And the best, you do not need to know programming needs (like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.

Sounds Good, But Tell Me Some More Advantages

Let me take a deep breath here. Let me quote the main ones. Follow me without losing counts.

It’s Free!

Then you must be wondering “how can you be free and be that good?” When I first started using WordPress, I myself did not believe that a site’s content manager could be so good and yet free.

WordPress is open source software. It is maintained by a gigantic international community of programmers who are volunteers and passionate about the tool. These guys deserve a box of beer on our own, right?

It Gets Better and Better

Periodically new features are added to the software. That is, it gets better and better. Not as good as chocolate, but, this incredible place we call the internet is evolving. Every day new tools, social networks, and other resources arise. Your website needs to be prepared to face these changes without suffering.

WordPress is always being updated. Periodically it gets an updated version. And new plugins and templates are launched at all times to meet new needs.

It Has a Myriad of Themes/Templates Too

They are the themes/templates that give that awesome look to your site. There are several templates with a design ready for the most various types of business; you can even get a job Portal WordPress themes.

Free templates are not recommended because for me it reduces its glory, you can buy a premium template (like bootstrap dashboard templates which is special templates for admin websites like ICOs) or hire a developer to build one according to your need.

Who does not want to be part of a community that grows every day, is engaged and willing to collaborate with each other? Definitely not me.

Free WordPress Themes