Why You Should Be Using WordPress for Web Design and Development

Every business now needs a website, and there can be no better platform then WordPress, there is quite a list of reasons why WordPress is a good choice for you.

  • Simple and easy: As any WordPress Developers and designers in Toronto will tell you, this is a very intuitive interface that’s extremely easy to use. Adding new content is extremely easy and can be done in a jiffy. You don’t need to spend hours on formatting either.
  • Any computer will do: You can access your website from any computer as long as you have internet connection. So, if you want to get the website building completed fast then WordPress Developers and designers in Toronto can work from your office, their office or from home all through the night to get the job done.
  • Good with search engines: As any Design Toronto Web DTW will be able to tell you, WordPress is optimized for SEO. And you can customize your SEO strategy as per your need very easily.


  • Web designs suited for different platforms: Mobile phones are part and parcel of people’s life now and with the advent of mobile tech, more and more people are accessing the internet through their mobile devices. So, it is essential that your website be mobile friendly. If the Design Toronto Web DTW you have hired use WordPress then you will not need separate websites for desktop and mobile platform, one website will suffice as it will be mobile friendly.
  • Upgrade your website with ease: Web development is an ongoing process; you will have to add new features and functionality from time to time. This is a very simple thing to do while using WordPress. You have a number of plugins to choose from which can be installed in mere seconds.

There are a number of other features in WordPress that sets it apart. But despite all that it is still a very cost effective and easy to use platform.

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