Why Every Marketer Should Go For Retargeting?

Retargeting is an effective way to convert the bounced traffic of your website to your customers by showing them your retargeting Ads. Technically, this works on the basis of a cookie being tagged to the user’s browser who visits the desired website. Then, with the help of retargeting software the relevant ads are posted when the user visits various other websites. There are various types of retargeting that are used by the marketers to attract customers, such as, Site retargeting, Search retargeting, Email retargeting and Contextual retargeting.

Types of Retargeting

There are different types of retargeting namely site, email, search and contextual. In case of site retargeting, the ads are shown on any websites that the users go. In search retargeting, the ads appear when the user searches using search engine such as Google, yahoo etc. In Email retargeting, the ads are published in the email sites such as gmail.com or outlook.com. In contextual retargeting, the ads are posted in the partnered websites of the main website.

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Why every Marketer should go for Retargeting?

Many website visitors get deviated at the last moment of the sale for a number of reasons like credit card is not handy, interested in comparison shopping, a temporary site crash and so on. It is really tough to find the exact reasons on why a user didn’t complete his/her purchase for a product. To get back those customers, you can send an email on abandonment of shopping cart to the user. However, it might possibly create a bad impression on your company. Instead if you use retargeting you will be reminding them gently about the products.

1) First and foremost reason is 90% of marketers accept that retargeting is an effective way to boost their sales in comparison to other ways like search ads, email marketing etc.

2) Online studies are showing that the majority of the website traffic is not ready to buy on their first go. Around 2% of the online users are only ready at the first moment when they visit the website and successfully finish their purchase. Retargeting allows you to concentrate on rest of the 98% of potential customers who are not interested in making purchase on their first visit. It helps the Marketer to bring them back to their website which in turn increases their conversion rate.

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3) Retargeting enhances the sales by providing second Chance to Convert a Visitor as a Customer. Digital marketing is a highly competitive world, it is always better to make use of any possible advantage to maximize the chances of conversion.

4) Fundamentally, retargeting is like reminding the visitors of their former interest to purchase from your website.

5) Retargeting is a wonderful way to create and raise awareness about your brand through repeated exposure of your products to the users.

6) Retargeting helps you to achieve higher click through rates at a lower cost and hence it also serves as a cost-effective campaign.

7) Retargeting can be easily integrated with other programmatic Ad campaigns and also works well in conjunction with them.

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