Why Choose 2 Channel Dash Cam for Your Vehicle

Nowadays with the increase of the vehicle demand and population, it is difficult for us to drive safely to our destination. In fact securing ourselves during transportation is most important.

There are many safeguarding technologies rises in the modern day. Dash Cam or the Dashboard Camera is one of the advanced onboard Cameras that record continuously from the vehicle. 1-channel dash cams use the single lens that record only in front of the vehicle but the 2-channel dash cams are introduced with the Dual Lens that would record anything happening around your car.

cam 1

The 2-Channel or dual lens dash cam supports the 2 camera lens for capturing the images in the front as well as in the back of the vehicle. This is a great technology for those who are worried about the thing that occurs behind their vehicle so that it would be useful for increasing the safety. 2-channel dash cams enhance security against possible danger or events to a higher level and it is also helpful to catch the Culprit. In fact, the 2 camera lens would be useful to drive around cars for with safety.

Features of 2-Channel Dash Cams

2-channel dash cams are useful recording all kinds of activities around the vehicle with the built-in GPS facilities. The 2 Channel Dash Cam Reviews are quite excellent for its amazing features with the image resolution quality. No worries as all the recorded images and videos would be saved automatically on the Computers and Smartphone. In fact, the 2-channel dash cams have the following properties,

cam 2

  • Great resolution
  • Focus distance
  • Higher frame rate
  • Aperture settings
  • Automatic zoom to record
  • Hands-free start-stop

The Double lens has the higher optics quality that enhances the quality of the image in the extensive manner. 2-channel dash cams have the ability to record 720p, 1080p as well as 4k images accurately.

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