Which Is Better – HDR Photography or the Traditional Camera Pictures

Photograph community has been divided since always over the efficiency of HDR camera and in accepting if the technology has been a breakthrough and done some good to the photography world. Well, there can be long lasting debate over the topic but advantages of a HDR camera cannot be ignored as it does help a great deal in producing best photos.

When we talk about HDR photography, it is primarily concerned with taking many shots and bringing them together to merge and create a photography which is not possible with the traditional photography. There are various benefits of this technology but the simplest one is that it allows the photographer to produce better picture which otherwise is not possible with the usual cameras. Imagine, you want to capture sunset in your camera and want every element to be present in your photo, right from the shadow, highlights and so on. This is not possible with a simple camera but a HDR camera can do this easily for you. This is how HDR camera brings you better photography compared to the simple, traditional camera. Know more about photography at aurorahdr.com.


You can explore so many things with HDR photography as it opens up the avenue for you to explore the art and be more creative. Well, there is no argument that in order to take photo from HDR camera, you need precision and perfect knowledge or else you will end up taking blurred image, over saturated, dark or other flawed images. However, after having fair knowledge of the tips and tricks that should be used in HDR camera, you can produce some of the best pictures with multiple angles and effects. Make sure that you have any software like Photoshop or photomatix that will be used to merge all the pictures taken and create HDR effect in Photoshop edited pictures.

People commonly want to know that what is HDR and when they should use this mode in their photos. Basically, the camera takes multiple shots in different exposures and after that a tool is used to merge all and make a perfect picture. All it does is highlighting the best part of all the photos taken and present a perfect picture for you. You can use the technology when the landscape is big enough that it cannot be taken in single shot. You can also use the camera to take pictures in sunlight as HDR can take away the harsh light and produce a smooth picture.

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