What’s The 3DS R4 Roms And Which Is A Safe Site To Download?

In this post, I will explain to you what’s the 3ds R4 roms? which is a safe site to download? and how to play free games with sd card on 3ds? Just read carefully!

What’s 3DS R4 rom?

Do not misunderstand, the 3ds r4 rom is the ds game rom not the 3ds game rom. Why? Because the R4 or R4 3ds card only support ds games not 3ds games. So the rom for R4/R4i 3ds card should be the ds game rom or the ds game backups not the 3ds formats. To play r4 rom or ds roms on your 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS console, you need to have an R4 3ds scheda.

R4 rom card for 3DS is mainly to playing Nintendo DS Games on 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS and NEW 3DS XL consoles. In 2017, the popular R4 rom cards are R4I SDHC RTS 3DS, R4I GOLD 3DS WOOD, R4I GOLD PRO 2017, R4I DUAL CORE 2016, R4ISDHC RTS LITE 2016, R4I GOLD EU 3DS and ACE3DS PLUS. Each of them is released for years, among them, only R4I SDHC 3DS and R4I 2016 cards are with regular updating. So if you want to buy one R4 rom card to play free ds games, they are the better choices!

R4 rom card can do a lot of 3ds family consoles, aside from playing ds games, these cards support the following fucntions.

  • With micro sd card memory space,users can play multi-roms on it. It means you can download many ds game files in .nds format into every R4 rom card to play.
  • With region free feature, the R4 rom card allows users to play ds games from all the regions though the 3DS/NEW 3DS console is region locking!
  • With builti-in homebrew Moonshell, users can put Multimedia files including video, mp3, photos and txt to run with R4 rom card.
  • With RTS features, users can save, load, cheats freely during ds games.
  • With GBA/SNES/NES emulator compatibility, users can serach and download the emulators online then play old classic games with R4 rom card.

Which is a safe site to download R4 3DS roms?

You can download 3DS R4 roms in Rom2station.com. This is a safe and simple online site to download ds games and 3ds games. In the Rom2 site, you can download 3DS and DS games from all regions, get safe and clean r4/3ds rom,s access to thousands of free game source. By enjoying all of these, all you need is a private game code. E-mail to admin@sky3dsitalia.com, you can get the exclusive game code.

Steps for downloading r4 3ds roms

1.Go to Rom2station.com.
2.Input the game you want to download or pick up one game in the gamelist. In the first page, the game roms are ranked by users downloading, So if you don’t know which 3ds/ds games are good to play, just choose from the first page.
3.Then you will go to the certain game page.
4.Click the download button.
5.Type the game code you get from us.
6.Finally, the 3DS/DS rom will be straightly downloaded to the PC.
7.You can download more 3DS/DS games in the site too.

How to play free games on 3DS with sd card and without R4?

In 2017, even without using the R4 flashcard, you can play free games on the 3DS. But you should have a 3ds console with firmware version lower than v9.2. If you are the lucky guy, go to this site https://3ds.guide/, you will know how to free games on 3DS with sd card and without R4.

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