What Is Wireless Charging and How It Works – Know Now

Wireless is the norm at all spheres of life in the present era, then why should charging be dependent on wired technology! Perhaps, this is why the wireless charging has made foray into the lives of the users who need to stay away from the homes and offices (too, sometimes), but cannot do without the gadgets. This advanced way of charging the gadgets such as EXO CHARGE from ONE POWER SYSTEMS is changing the world of wireless technology giving and is truly reflective of the level of convenience sought by the users.

Wireless charging, as the name suggests, does not involve any cables. So, the way they derive the power is something worth knowing. Here is how.


How Does Wireless Charging Work 

Wireless charger derives the power from a conventional AC source. The AC current generated is transmitted through a transmitter coil. The current generated create a magnetic field extending u to the coil. Magnetic field generates a current flow which is then converted into direct current that ultimately goes into the receiver circuit and charges the battery.

Types of Wireless Chargers 

Wireless chargers are classified according to the media that generates current. For example,

  • Electromagnetic wireless charger: The current generated as mentioned in the process above forms the basis of electromagnetic wireless chargers. They make use of an electromagnetic field to transform AC source into DC run battery.
  • Conducting wireless charger: Conductive or inductive wireless charging uses conductive power to make the wiring redundant between the charger and the charging device. Chargers wearable on a sleeve make use of conducting power that transfers the charging board’s energy to the battery and charges it.

This is how the concept of wiring is eliminated by making use of alternative ways of transferring the power. These methods are definitely power-efficient and prove to be of great help when the conventional charging source is not around.

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