Welding Machines: Compact Buying Guide

The wide area market of welders with their numerous types and automobile manufacturers can confuse you if you are new at this. Buying a welder is not an easy task. Here also, you have to look for some key factors which are dependent of the successful buying. There are numerous types of welders in the market primarily as TIG welders, MIG welders, Arc Welders and Oxyacetylene welders. You can also go for some expensive but excellent efficient welders like a multi process welder which are versatile, engine –driven or fuel- powered and best to work off the grid.


What You Should Know While Buying

  • Get to understand what kind(s) of wire you will be needed to weld : Starting with carbon steel or ordinary steel which are easily be weld by any common type of welder, there are also some metals like stainless steel which are only weld by a MIG or TIG  Welder  and aluminum which is best qualified with TIG Welding.
  • Get yourself the best range to include all standard metal thicknesses: The thickening of metal make it a factor of more energy or electric consumption as the more it will be thick, the deep penetration will be required. Even the cost is depending upon this factor, so you better look for your essential range of metal thicknesses as per using of your maximum thickness of metal and fixtures.


  • According to the place of welding: The place of welding decides what kind of instrument or equipment s you are going to need. There are several factors as like power supply where different kind of location on basis of level need different power consumption; off grid place as outer regions welding will require energy driver welder and wind or weather condition where stick welders and flux-cored mode of MIG welder will be needed.


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