Wearable Technology for Infants

Parenting a newborn is stressful, it’s hard, it can turn you into a nervous wreck. With your first child, you have no idea what to expect or how to truly prepare for all the scary moments. If you make it through the infant stage with the first child and decide to add to your brood, you add more stress, more scary moments, more nervousness as you try to devote attention to more than one child. Parenting can be overwhelming but new wearable technology for infants can help ease the worry by monitoring your child’s vital stats and sending the information straight to your phone or tablet.

SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death syndrome, is a genuine concern for any parent. There are no symptoms to watch for, no fool-proof method of prevention, and no guarantee that following the recommended guidelines will keep your infant safe. Positioning your baby on her back to sleep, keeping her room cool, and ensuring that all blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals are out of her crib are all important steps to take but using wearable technology that monitors heart rate, temperature, body position and movement can help parents feel even more secure.

Several companies have developed wearable technology to assuage exactly this fear; some of the ways the information can be tracked are through an ankle band, a onesie with a built-in monitoring system, or a separate monitor that is attached to the child’s clothing.


The Sproutling ankle band can be purchased through their website at sproutling.com and retails at $259.  The device not only tracks the baby’s vitals such as heart rate and temperature but also tracks sleep patterns and can alert parents to a soon-awakening baby. The ankle strap is also able to measure the sound level in the baby’s room so parents can be quick to silence a barking dog or turn down their music.

Available on Amazon and through the mimobaby.com website, the Mimo is washable onesie with a built-in sensor. There are two breathing sensors along with a removable movement sensor; each sends vital information such as breathing patterns, body temperature, and body position to an app on a parent’s phone or tablet. The Mimo can also replace traditional baby monitors: parents can listen through the app as well.

Mondevices’ Monbaby is a device that can be attached to any clothing a baby is wearing; it too detects a baby’s heartbeat, body position and activity level. Again, these vital stats are transmitted to an app on a parent’s phone or tablet so that parents can monitor their infant while he sleeps. This device is available for $169 at various retailers.

There are several more wearable technology devices currently in the development and testing stages; nervous parents will soon have many options to research and try in the hopes that they will find a device to curb their fears. Parents should, however, use caution when putting their babies to sleep with wearable technology: check for FDA approval of the product, follow manufacturer guidelines for usage, monitor skin for irritation or rash, and consider limiting the use of the device. Every parent wants to keep their baby safe and wearable technology provides one more avenue to do so.

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