Ways to Hide Admin Bar in WordPress

In general, you can do a lot of things with your WordPress. There are plenty of functions and ways to arrange them in your sole discretion. It will take you just several steps to succeed. For example, in order to hide admin bar wordpress plugin should be applied. There is no difficulty to find and install it. Moreover, at the market you are offered to try some of them. We are going to consider this task and the ways to solve it.

What is Admin Bar?

The admin bar is a bar containing the useful information for administration of the site usually. It appears in WordPress 3.1. and is available for all registered users but to various extent depending on the user status and permissions. It floats when activated and shows the options or links to admin screens which a user can choose. It is possible to add a new post, to look through comments or change the profile. There are plugins which allow extending its functionality. The user is able to turn it on or turn off if he goes to Users and then to Your Profile.

As far as this section gives a user simple and quick access to admin tasks, the administration of the site often does not want to provide such an access to the admin bar for several reasons. One of them is absence of customization for their experience. And they can do it applying various methods to disable it for everybody or only for users except administration.

How Can You Disable It?

  • So in order to disable the Admin Bar completely or selectively you should install and activate the WP Custom Admin Bar plugin. When it is done you can find a new tab in your settings menu. Here you can custom the Admin Bar. Go to “Settings”, find Custom Admin Bar there and decide which users will get the access to the admin bar. There are settings allowing you to control the admin bar’s appearance better.
  • While with help of S2 Membership Plugin you can disable the access for all users except for admins.

Remember that you can show or hide particular items. The Admin Bar is fully customizable vie plugins as we demonstrated above. You can also try Adminimize plugin which gives a power to offer access to the menu. Meaning that you can deactivate and activate any part of the menu and even of the sub-menu. This plugin is free of charge.

So, indeed there is no problem in performing the above task. Just decide what exactly you want to change in settings and go about work.


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