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There are many online resources to finding video game jobs, but not many of them are worth the time of day. It’s easily expected discover a resource just to find that there’s no useful information available. Video Games Pay My Bills offer a video game job board that not only presents listings for nearby video games positions, it can get you in touch with these companies to improve your chances of being hired by them.

What Positions Are Displayed?

These positions often vary slightly on the type of video game jobs. Whether it be for Quality Assurance, Software Development, to even Animation positions. Depending on the position applied for, you may be required to have previous experience or even a degree to be considered. Keep this in mind as you search for video game jobs local to you.

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Other Types of Testers

These game positions are not restricted to computer games, but often test mobile and console titles before release. Most of these positions will have you testing games in their Alpha stages, so glitched and bugs are likely to be experienced. It will be your task to accurately find and diagnose these issues before release or pre-release to the public.

Choose Your Destiny

Before seeking one of these positions, be sure that you are accurately experienced in the task assign to them. Applying to every job just because it’s near to you is not the right way to get a gaming job. If you’re able to attempt these tasks on your own, and develop the skills before-hand, you’ll be much more successful in obtaining these positions.

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These job boards are just an addition to the content that available within VGPMB, you will find a plethora of guides, methods, and articles centered around no other goal than making money from your online gaming. If you thought creating a gaming career from home was impossible, get ready to accomplish a whole lot more. This website is the only source for the best methods to creating a home-based gaming income.

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