ValueMags Promotes Diabetes Self-Management

ValueMags has currently signed on another magazine to market to their consumers. Diabetes Self-Management is a magazine that is dedicated to Americans living with diabetes. The purpose of the magazine is to help Americans find easy tricks and tips to facilitate their lives while living with diabetes. The innovative and ambitious magazine includes articles about irresistible recipes for people living with diabetes, the newest medical breakthroughs for people living with diabetes, meal prepping ideas, medical medicines, and ways to deal with the emotional, psychological, and physical burdens of living with diabetes. ValueMags will always continue to sell this magazine because it has and continues to helps so many people living with diabetes throughout America.

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According To The American Diabetes Association:

  • About 1.25 million Americans have type 1 diabetes (people of all ages).
  • 4 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of diabetes every year and those numbers are increasing daily.
  • Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in America
  • Nearly 10% of the American population has diabetes

Often times, those living with diabetes are scared or embarrassed to admit it. Not that it is apparent but it can easily be embarrassing for some to pull out needles, meds, and even weighing scales for their food. It is a long process and can be shameful. Diabetes Self-Management promoted by ValueMags works with people living with diabetes and gives them tips and tricks to build their confidence. Not only that, the magazine promotes awareness and includes tricks that will make the embarrassment go away. ValueMags CEO says that there is no reason to be embarrassed but understandably, everyone has their insecurities. Diabetes Self-Management relieves those worries and give those living with diabetes the confidence they need.

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