Uber’s Emil Michael All Set to Steer Pentagon’s Defense Practices

The corporate giant Uber’s Vice-president Emil Michael is appointed as the senior advisor for the Pentagon’s defense department. His technical experience and the edge for technology is going to be of great use for the state defense as the country is thinking that they need to add some more plunge into the battle field by making use of the technology. Right now Pentagon is in the process of increasing their off shelf vehicles and every other equipment.

They choose Mr. Michael as he already have the experience of leading the team of the defense where he earlier worked as the special assistant here for almost 2 years. It is in his term for two years, he strived a lot and changed many vital aspects which have reaped huge success for the state defense. The government has a strong belief that he will make proper changes to the military in the long term with his sincere efforts even though things can be changed all at once.

It is a fact that pentagon has always wanted to the help of the technology in order to create an evolution in his history. There are a lot of services and as well equipment which has to be changed for the sake of good and even need to upgrade. When the expertise knowledge of this Michael helps them, then there will be added advantage. Now in the state, there are lot of expectations as the contracts which the technology community makes will drive those assured results. All these efforts will be of great help for them even in the near future.

Now these people have the confidence to make more bids and gain many awards for their efforts and strategies which they implement in less time. Even though there is no relation between Uber and defense or any other government offices or practices, this shows that the state has recognized the development and efforts of the Uber and trusted its officials.

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