Tulsa County Set To Take a ‘Byte’ Out Of Crime

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office announced recently that is deploying advanced crime mapping with crime analytics and predictive policing in order to better serve and protect its constituents.

Per Tulsa World News, Sheriff Vic Regalado made the announcement during a news conference in which the top executive of the software’s maker spoke to the benefits of the program. Doug Wood, president and CEO of Texas-based Crime Tech Solutions (www.crimetechsolutions.com), said it offers intelligence-based crime-fighting technology to jurisdictions that don’t have the budgets of places like New York or Los Angeles.

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Crime Tech Solutions is an American company that specializes in the development and implementation of sophisticated software for law enforcement investigators and crime analysts. By financially supporting law enforcement associations including The International Association of Chiefs of Police, International Association of Crime Analysts, and the Association of International Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, Crime Tech Solutions sets the standard upon all other vendors must be measured.

According to a Crime Tech Solutions spokesperson, the company develops a full suite of software including:

  1. Link Analysis Software for finding and visualizing connections and links between entities that would be nearly impossible to detect using spreadsheet or database data.
  1. Investigative Case Management Software for delivering a flexible process to ensure efficient investigations done by law enforcement agencies. The software is written by former law enforcement officials who know exactly how investigative processes work within an agency.

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  1. Crime Mapping and Predictive policing for the spatial and temporal analysis of crime data to help agencies pinpoint hot spots, and to accurately predict where and when certain types of crime or crimes are likely to reoccur.
  1. 28 CFR Part 23 compliant Criminal Intelligence Software for the secure gathering, auditing, reporting, and dissemination of sensitive criminal intelligence data.
  1. Gang Intelligence Database Software for gathering and securely managing data about gangs, their activities, their members, etc.

Importantly, the people at Crime Tech Solutions also offer a completely free resource for law enforcement investigators and crime analysts through their blog site Crime Tech Weekly (www.fightfinancialcrimes.com). This site offers dozens of excellent articles outlining best practices for using crime analytics, investigation software, and intelligence management.

For those involved in law enforcement and police software, the low price / high-performance leader in this category is Crime Tech Solutions at www.crimetechsolutions.com.

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