Top Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail and Quit

Blogosphere acquires new blogs literally in hundreds, but only a few succeed. Why do most bloggers fail to climb the next step of success? Well, there are several reasons, why bloggers find it difficult to be successful.

Many online blogging platforms allow people to start a blog, which goes live in no time. Many novice bloggers start blogging with an aim to earn money and even quit their regular job. After some time, they learn the hard way that earning money from the blog is challenging. Most of them do not succeed because they are unaware about their mistakes or are expecting a lot from their blog post in a short time.

Reasons Blogger Fail and Quit


• No pre-planning

Before getting involved, pre-planning is necessary. Just jumping in with some random niche and unawareness about SEO, keyword research, domain interpretation and more about technology means your plan is to fail. No pre-planning means ‘Plan to FAILURE’.

• Lack of subject material

No preparation means it is very hard to remain disciplined. In addition, it becomes difficult to handle a constant flow of content. Pre-plan the topics of your blog, so you have an endless pool of ideas for writing valuable posts.

• Choosing incorrect topic

The key reason for blog failure is people select topics that are lucrative. They fail to see that the bloggers are earning because they know a lot about that topic. If you choose to get into their boots, then you will certainly fall. It is sensible to select a niche that you have knowledge and interest.

• Fear of people

Fear of public speaking is more than fear of death. In blogs, you are expressing your personal opinions. Readers may leave disagreeing comments with regard to your judgment. This can be scary because you cannot see the critic, but create a mental picture of an antagonistic commenter.

Deal with this fear by taking action. Open a dialogue with the commenter. Remember, there will be someone in the audience, who will support your opinion and respond. Challenges make your blog appear interesting as well as help to sharpen your argument skills.

• Avoid impatience

Blog stardom does not take place in a night. Time and dedication are the fuel to attain the goal. To shorten this time factor, plan a defined strategy along with doing the right things on the right time, to increase your presence and credibility online.

• Lack of time

Initially, bloggers upload blog post regularly to increase the impetus and boost blog visibility. Generally, they fail to handle this due to time constraints and factually quit blogging. It is necessary to manage time systematically and dedicate a couple of hours for blogging to keep a consistent flow of posts.

• Give up quickly

Bloggers get de-motivated because they do not find an increase in blog traffic. From daily posts, they go stale and produce once a week. When you read blogging success stories, it will be discovered that attaining solid readership takes time. Avoid the thought of quitting to blog, instead read inspiring success stories about bloggers. Stick to blogging and you will reap good yield in a couple of years.

Blogging is an excellent way of promoting business via creativity. To start blogging is easy, but keeping bloggers inspired and motivated to work consistently in a dedicated manner for years is extremely daunting.

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Joseph Lodge has written this article. In his useful posts, he explains various reasons that prevent the blogs from making it big online. You too can start a blog in minutes, just visit their website to learn how.

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