Top 3 Apps for Teaching Geology

If your child is studying geology, then you might want to take a few minutes and look at these top three apps for teaching geology.  There are quite a few geology-related apps out there for both Android and iOS devices, and in this article we are going to scratch the surface by looking at three of the most highly rated educational apps for teaching geology.

Rock Hunt

Rock Hunt by WoWiWe Instruction Co. is an informative yet exciting way for your child to learn how to identify rocks and minerals.  This app presents your child with a virtual geology field trips to 10 different locations, where they are tasked with identifying a total of 50 different minerals and rocks.  It also includes 10 scientific experiments they can perform in a virtual laboratory to aid in identifying their mystery rocks.  They’ll be aided by a helpful companion named Owly as they learn more about rocks and minerals.  This app is available for download on both iOS and Android systems, and costs just $0.99. This should be an exciting, educational addition to your child’s geology textbook.

Smart Geology Mineral Guide

This app by AviC Apps is a handy tool for any student of geology.  It includes a mineral chart with images of each mineral, a geology dictionary, a compact geologic time scale, mineral classification tools (complete with groups and subgroups), and new features being added on a regular basis.  This very highly rated app is currently just available for Android systems.  It is free to download, with additional items (including foreign language packs) available for a small price that doesn’t go above $2.  It serves as an excellent supplement to your child’s geology studies.

Key: Minerals

Key: Minerals by CRinUS goes beyond just a rock and mineral identification app by including practice questions, quizzes, and an record of your child’s progress.  It helps your child learn to identify minerals through its interactive system.  Your child inputs what they know about the mineral, and it provides them with a list of possibilities.  It also includes high-quality images and detailed information about the characteristics of the minerals such as dominant color, breakage, hardness, luster, chemical composition, specific gravity, streak, and uses.  This app can be downloaded for free on Android devices, and is a handy addition to your child’s geology course materials.


Geology doesn’t have to be dry and boring, nor is your child limited to what their textbook presents.  By taking advantage of apps like three we just discussed, they can learn more about the defining characteristics of minerals and rocks, how to identify and differentiate between them, where they are found, how to test some of their properties, and what they are used for.  From virtual geology field trips to handy electronic references, these apps can increase your child’s knowledge and their self-confidence in the subject, all while supplementing their existing course materials.  Be sure to check out geology apps for your device … you could be opening the door to a whole new exciting world for your child.

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