The Car Racing Game You Want to Play – Neon 2 Cars Racing Saga

Are you interested in a car game? Then read all about the Neon 2 Cars Racing Saga. You can drift, race, slide and go around in this game. Sometimes when you race on a same track few times, you can get bored easily. Perhaps, you have played several car games already. However, be prepared to face more challenges in this car game.

Features of the game

The car game comes with several features which you will find helpful. Car racing games among youngsters are very popular. That is why, the features present in the game are important. Unless the car game comes with some exciting features, nobody will want to play the game. In this game, you will not be disappointed.

Some of the most prominent features of the game are:

• Racing cars are in neon color, gives you an amazing experience.
• You can collect circles (1 point each).
• You can also collect triangles (2 points each).
• The levels are very interesting.
• Simple touch control which helps you plays efficiently.
• You can also play using the tablet.
• The graphics and animation are fantastic.
• The music is pretty relaxing.
• You can share the game on social network.
• The leader board contests are challenging.

racing 1

When you play using both your hands on your smart phone, then you can find it slightly difficult initially as your scores will be affected badly. When you have a smart phone which is not large enough for you to play with both hands, then you will want to use a tablet. You can easily move around and improve your score.

The game is very appealing. You just want to keep playing it. It is ideal for those of you on a long journey out of town. You can just keep playing it again and again. The age factor does not really matter as just about anybody can play the game. The design of the game is very classic as you will find just a few colors used. As you play the game you will be send back to the 1980s where games used to be pretty simple.

You just need to log in your Google Play account to connect with the leader board. When you have done that, you can share on social media. You cannot really ask for more. The developers have put in immense effort in to bring out a great and fantastic game. When playing on your smart phone, you will hardly notice any issues.

The game just goes on and on. In certain areas where the signal is weak, you will surprisingly find that the car game is just simply awesome.


When you are looking for a car racing game that is challenging, then you will want to make it a point to try out the Neon 2 Cars Racing Saga. The best part is that, you can play the game free. Do not get disheartened. This car racing game might be the best game you have played in a long while on your smart phone.

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