Technology That Is Bound to Change the Future

The world of technology has grown to a phenomenal extent and it has made many impossible things possible over the years. Everybody knows the concept of teleporting very well and it is considered as something next to impossible, but things are changing swiftly with many new interesting inventions and concepts. One such unique and interesting concept is generated by a tech giant called Ubiatar. It is one of the stunning and catchy concepts where you can be anywhere, anytime, almost instantly through another person though telepresence. It provides the freedom of expression and exploration for one and all.

Exceptional Concept 

Ubiatar facilitates hiring yet another individual to do tasks, visit places, see things on your behalf. It is actually like getting another person to perform whatever you wish to achieve. Being physically present at the comfort of your house, it is possible for one to visit, touch, see, experience and explore things through another person who is willing to do the part on your request. It is definitely a novel concept that has garnered worldwide support in a short span of time and there are already great many takers for this.

How It Is Done? 

The whole process is driven with the help of the mobile device and it comes with a quite interesting interface. People, who are interested to take up work or represent others, can create a profile with the platform and the interested party will get in touch with the profile that best impresses them. If a specific task is not comfortable or interesting, one can very well ignore to take part in it.

Initial Coin Offering 

Initial coin offering (ICO) has turned out to be quite popular these days and many are making use of this platform to gather resource than other methods. It is quite simple, easy and interesting to carry out the whole process. It can be understood that it excels in several ways than that of the conventional blockchain or crowd funding methods. Rather than providing stocks in IPO, the startups would provider tokens that can be taken has a license ownership, debt or equity. It provides the ability for one to gain direct access to the capital market which is quite interesting to note.

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