Super Mario: The Evergreen Online Game

Video games are believed as a perfect source of fun and entertainment. The majority of the people find video games as the best way to relieve stress and when you talk about free Mario games, in particular, it is an ideal way to keep yourself engaged all through the day. Classic game series just like Mario have gained huge success and popularity over the years, just because of its latest editions like Mario Forever and Super Mario that can be played online for absolutely free.

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The Origin

The super Mario game was developed by the Japanese company called Nintendo way back in 1985 and has got large numbers of fans since then. It is an entertaining video game that can be played by both kids and adults alike and is played by the second player as well.


According to the numbers, Mario is one of the most liked and popular video game these days. Even though it has created 30 years back, it is a favorite video game for two generations and its popularity did not diminish over the years. There are hundreds of variations created based on the original game, but Mario remains as the main character.

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Super Mario Variations

  • Super Mario Flash: It is a wonderful flash game, wherein Mario’s job is to collect coins that give him points and help him kill evil Koopas and Goombas. It is very much similar to the original Mario game but makes use of the flash technology.
  • Super Mario Mushroom Kingdom: It is another popular game with a bit different story of a kidnapped princess. Mario should go to the mushroom kingdom and save the little lady princess and save her from the bad guy.
  • Mario Video Poker: It is a game that is a combination of both Poker and Super Mario. It looks just like a usual casino poker game with the only difference that Mario will play on your behalf.
  • Super Mario Moto: It another game that should be played once. It is very much unique in the way that Mario is on a motorbike. It is very much challenging and exciting than others.

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