Should Your Small Business Begin A Sip Trunk Trial?

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is a form of communication that enables compatible telephones to place and receive calls over an IP connection. This is similar to services known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). The difference from VoIP to SIP Trunking is that VoIP generally uses household Internet connections while SIP Trunk connections run through a service provider’s dedicated servers, guaranteeing faster and more stable connections. A SIP Trunk is used to connect your businesses IP PBX to your service provider’s network. Service providers can offer SIP termination and origination to facilitate outbound and inbound calling.

SIP Trunking also enables your business to take advantage of enhanced call features, more options for bandwidth and greater interoperability. Your business can maintain phone numbers throughout the US & Canada for cheap and new lines can be added in minutes. SIP Trunking makes your business more flexible and scalable with added control and customizability. The cost is much cheaper than traditional communication methods. Many cheap SIP providers and SIP Trunks are able to help optimize bandwidth as well as your businesses network infrastructure.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of employing SIP trunking for your business is that the system will integrate video, voice and data into a single line. This keeps costs low and lets your business operate a diverse call network.


Benefits of SIP Trunking Services

The playing field is leveled for small businesses that want to be competitive against larger corporations. SIP Trunking allows small business to present a professional image to its customer base. Large businesses also benefit from SIP Trunk systems because of the cost reduction qualities offered.

  • Low cost communication – savings of over 40% when compared to traditional telephony
  • Virtually future proof due to the simplicity of scaling and upgrading the system
  • Relocating your business is as easy as making a phone call
  • Reliability – service interruptions are much more manageable as incoming calls can be easily routed to another location. Many service providers feature multiple redundancies to avoid downtime. 4G LTE back-up systems are available.
  • A great choice for businesses with upwards of 25 phones
  • Make your international business communicate as if it is local
  • Identical emergency usages as traditional telephony

Today’s VoIP or SIP Trunk market is packed with third party providers looking to supply your business. It is essential to do some research before choosing a provider for your business because not all providers are equal. There are many providers that simply rent network space from a larger ISP and repackage it as their own. While you may see cost savings from these providers, customer service, troubleshooting and scalability will most likely be diminished. It is highly recommended to seek out a large service provider in your local area that maintains its own network. To aid in your task, many service providers are offering free trial packages to businesses. They are confident that once your try a SIP Trunk service your business will never go back to traditional phone line systems. Using the Internet for research and to source a provider that is offering a free trial can save you time and trouble weeding out inferior providers.

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