How to Share Your PC’s Screen on a Network

Resign yourself, this time you will have to turn to him: your computer expert, always super-committed, maybe a bit trickier but tremendously fit. Because? Well, look at your PC, it just does show error messages. Up, raise the phone and call your friend to let him take a look at what you’ve been combining. How do you say? Already you know you will find an excuse not to come home? Well, put it tight: ezTalks.

ezTalks is a completely free solution that allows you to share your PC’s PC screen with uncomplicated configurations or unnecessary time losses. Using it, who’s on the other side can view your PC screen remotely and interact with it directly from your browser, without installing anything on your PC. Just the perfect way to get your friend to help you without moving home!

All you have to do to share the PC screen on the Net is to download the program on your PC and start, by double-clicking on it, the file eztalks-setup.exe (making sure you have an active Internet connection). Here are the detailed steps on how to use screen sharing in best web conferencing software with ezTalks Cloud Meeting.

Step 1. After downloading and installing the software on your computer or mobile phone, you can sign up ezTalks with your email or directly sign in with your Facebook or Google account.

Step 2. While on your live video conferencing page, click on the menu and find the “Share Screen” button. Simply click on the “Share Desktop” and all attendees will see everything on your desktop screen in real-time.

Step 3. If you want to share an interactive whiteboard, you can easily click the “Share Whiteboard” button.

In addition to remote control, ezTalks also offers many other features, all accessible from its toolbar. Then click on the cartoon icon button to chat with people in the best free screen sharing, on the icon to see the list of users who are viewing your PC screen and sharing files with them (by clicking on the Small sheet-shaped icon) and on Pause to temporarily disable desktop sharing.

To close ezTalks and stop sharing your PC screen in the Network; click on the “x” located in the top right of the program toolbar and answer Yes to the confirmation message that appears. By ticking next to install ezTalks on my desktop, you can also create a link to the program on the desktop. Better than this?

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