Quantum Computing In the Context of True Artificial Intelligence and Super Intelligence

It has often been claimed by physicists that quantum computers can render even the most powerful conventional processors obsolete due to the quantum phenomenon of superposition. Thanks to superposition, a quantum computer can outperform every other computer, no matter how sophisticated.

The question however is how quantum computing can help improve Artificial Intelligence? On the face of it, quantum computing and AI have nothing in common except for the fact that both are branches of computer science. But cooperation between these two disparate branches has the potential to bring about great change.

The computational capabilities of a quantum computer can potentially take the AI research decades ahead of where it is now. A true AI will have to have the intelligence equivalent to that of a human being. The biggest stumbling block in achieving this seems to be the limitations in the processing powers of computers. In order to achieve the computing capabilities of a human brain, enormous amounts of memory along with compatible software and hardware is required. Another approach can be to create individual neurons that works at par with a human’s and then put the neurons together in a way that reflects how they are put together in the human brain.

Human level artificial intelligence is not a distant dream anymore, and once that has been achieved, the next step would be super intelligence. So, what is super intelligence? An intellect that surpasses even the best human brains in any and every field can be called super intelligence. There are supercomputers that are capable of performing tasks that no individual human can perform, but thee computers are not intellects with thinking capabilities or social skills that are considered essential for a computer, if it is to be termed super intelligence. You can gain some more insight by visiting

Developmentally speaking, quantum computing is still in its infancy, but the potentials and scopes of a quantam computer cannot be overemphasized. They can have a significant role in creating human level AIs and superintelligence. Theoretical and practical research in how this can be done continues.

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