The Most Popular Software for the Solution to File Archiving

When coming to the start of updating your servers you will probably find that many of the products for the most common IT problems are way over priced as well as over complex. This is how MLtek came into business because this is what their founder Mark Laverty found after working in the IT field for over 10 years.

Better Software At Better Price 

So they are in business to offer your company as well as any IT division the ability to obtain IT software that is easy to use and not overly priced. They seem to have the market covered in both areas especially with software for archiving files. If you are looking for an archiving product; you should try the archiving solution from MLtek. Please click here for more information.

Unlike Other Database Programs

Unlike other file archiving solutions, the Archive Manager will not attempt to store the files in a database. Instead, this product uses a share that you will be able to create almost anywhere on your network. By doing it this way this product is the fastest on the market and is more reliable in file archiving than other software is.

Other Features

It will keep the NFTS permissions on all your files and folders after they are archived which is unlike most database centered products. And it still has all the other features that you would need. These include:

  • Shortcuts that are not left behind
  • User able to recall files without becoming an IT problem
  • Does not require a database server making it cost effective to use
  • Able to archive over a WAN


Archive Manager is designed to be flexible when working with huge quantities of files so that 2nd line storage is extremely cost effective. It is an archiving solution for all Windows file servers for the last 10 years. It works with Windows Server from 2003 to 2016.

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