Largest Company Marketing Online Software Has Released PDF Converter 2018

PDF Converter 2018 – is New and the Adobe Acrobat alternative. It opens, converts, edits as well as secures all PDF files with their PDF solution advancements. It is:

  • User-friendly with an interface that is like MS office
  • Will convert PDF to Excel, PPT and Word and back again
  • It lets the user edit and then secure their work
  • 100% compatible with files from Adobe Acrobat
  • And much more!

 Brought To Market 

This version of PDF converter was brought to the market by Interactive Brands™ Network and they are a leader in the “Online Software Selling” business. They reach 5.4 million unique visitors per month according to Google Analytics from January 2008. There integrated business structure reduces “Time-to-Market by their independently marketing as well as offering buyers online value-added software and services.

Thousands Of Transactions 

With over thousands of transactions online each month, Interactive Brand is a private company that is comprised of a team of online experts striving to offer the “ultimate’ shopping experience that is interactive to users of the internet from around the world. In fact, they have a global presence in over 200 countries.

Worldwide Presence

Interactive Brands software presence in 200 countries and observed by 43 million individuals in 2007, Interactive Brands™ has slowly applied the support services to balance out its online marketing.

Customer Service 

The partnership with a Customer Service Group lets this company answer and serve users globally in 6 different languages. With 50 support agents all certified, they are able to be reached by phone, online chat, email and by other web-based apps.

Leading Payment Platforms

Interactive Brands partners with the leading affiliate platforms as well as payment processors. Their tech experts maintain the trust of consumers as well as business confidence by enforcing industry standards in Personal Data Protection:

  1. VeriSign and Truste certifications ensuring access to the industry’s leading SSL certification solutions.
  1. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol offering communications encrypted during payment transactions.
  1. Payment Processing Services that are secure and are using the leading world operators for managing payment transactions.
  1. There is a Member’s Area that is password protection, using 7-digit numeric and alpha passwords to continue protection from fraud online.
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