Operating the IMEI Unlocker Tool

No matter what link you use to start the downloading process you should always keep in mind that the IMEI Unlock Tool is free of charge. It has been created not so long ago and it’s sophisticated and yet simple layout makes it easy to use even for those who are not too keen on using the computer. The computer where you can download and install the tool can be of any model, including a laptop and tablet, besides the regular PC. It goes without saying that the IMEI Unlocker Tool runs on all operative systems as well.

To be able to use up the maximum potential of the tool you don’t need a high-performance computer, but a normal internet connection which will not disconnect during the unlocking. If you can secure that then you need not fear for anything, your Cell phone mobile phone device will be unlocked before you know it.

IMEI Unlocker 1

A useful tip for all of you who intend to use the IMEI Unlock Tool is to find your Cell phone’s IMEI number before you start the unlocking. It can be found in the “SETTINGS” option of your Cell phone device under the “ABOUT Cell phone” entry. Also, you can see it printed on the Cell phone’s battery or if you dial this lucky combo:*#60#.

IMEI Unlock Process Step By Step

  1. Download and install the IMEI Unlocker Tool on your PC.
  2. Open the tool and fill in the details such as: an email address of yours, the country where the Cell phone was bought from, the carrier it was bought from and the IMEI number.
  3. Click the unlock button.
  4. Keep checking the email you provided earlier for an unlock code. The email containing the code wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to be delivered to you.
  5. Inert a SIM card with the same size as the SIM card you used before and turn on your Cell phone handset.
  6. You will be asked to enter a code to be able to use the phone. Enter here the unlock code you received in the email and click OK TO SIM unlock YOUR Cell phone smart phone for good.

IMEI Unlocker 2

Here you have the best way to complete the imei unlock process successfully for free!

The IMEI Unlocker Tool can be downloaded for free from the links posted on the SIM unlock blogs over the internet, from the webpage or from the link posted in this article.

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