Online Reputation Management: Smart Bricks

Smart products are quite common these days but online reputation management knows that there are some other products that are quite unique in terms of being a “smart” product. The product that has turned heads in the tech industry is Smart Bricks. This is a type of brick that can generate electricity, recycle waste water and create oxygen. Most people find this absurd but the fact remains that it works and it works quite well. These bricks will contain microbial fuel cells (MFC’s) which will be part of the brick and this is what will give the smart aspect of the brick. The brick will be able to harness electricity from urine, dead flies or mud. The MFCs are energy transducers that use metabolic activity of the microbes to use organic waste to collect electricity. Reputation management is excited about this product because scientists can explore the eventuality of using household waste to generate large sums of electricity that can be used by the owner of the building and hopes this leads to programmable walls.

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Reputation management noticed that MFC’s have the living engines of these bricks can sense the external and internal environment. This includes the occupants so it can react appropriately. The bioreactor walls will have the ability to convert grey water, carbon dioxide, sunlight and bacteria where all these elements can be created into clean water, oxygen, electricity, heat and big fluorescence. Reputation management have begun working on creating awareness for this product and technology through Facebook and Snapchat. These social medias are the most responsive at the moment and can help promote this product to the mainstream media. This product only needs a little bit of exposure in order to gain traction. Reputation management knows that this product sells itself but it only needs that foot in the door in terms of awareness. Hopefully the fact that these bricks are living organisms doesn’t scare off people than it attracts.

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