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In this day and age, mobile technology is truly essential to any business regardless of how small or how large. The simplicity and convenience of being able to collect data via a mobile data collection app will increase the speed and efficiency of your business. You will be amazed at how a tiny device can make such a huge impact and once you go mobile you will wonder how an earth you made it this far.

There are a few mobile data collection solutions out there but for me there is one that sticks out specifically and that is the OmniCheck by the good people at ExPD. This Mobile data collection system is a fully configurable mobile inspection app using the very latest in technology guaranteeing reliability and robustness.

This App suggests that it will improve accuracy and save you time and money which is pretty much the whole point of these products. So If you are reading this and wondering how to save in these two areas then stop reading and just go and buy the app immediately and get cracking!

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OmniCheck boasts some great benefits at its disposal such as being customizable enabling you to optimise your inspection processes to the needs of the business. As well as the obvious lack of need for pen and paper the OmniCheck enables you to get automated email distribution of your inspection results eliminating any time wasted waiting for results. Because paper and pen have been made redundant by this technology it means the use of filing cabinets are no longer needed reducing the physical storage which often makes offices cramped and becomes expensive if you have to have a space dedicated to it.

The OmniCheck is fast and reliable and is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Media and CE devices and it can also be fully integrated with your existing legacy systems making it easy to control the flow of data to and from your mobile devices.

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