What Makes Some ‘Contact Us’ Forms More Effective Than Others?

‘Contact Us’ forms are basically just a type of online forms that are normally published on websites to provide visitors with a quick and convenient way to get in touch if they have any queries, feedback, or something to say. However not all of these forms receive the same type of reception, and some are much more effective at eliciting responses than others.

Needless to say the million dollar question is: What is it about some ‘Contact Us’ forms that makes them more effective? By understanding why some contact forms are more effective, you can start to improve yours.

Prioritizing the User Experience Of the Form

One of the main reasons why particular ‘Contact Us’ forms are able to elicit more responses and have a higher completion rate in general is they provide a better user experience. The user experience is basically how easy it is to complete an online form, and it should come as no surprise that forms that are easier to complete attract more responses and have a higher completion rate.

In order to prioritize the user experience, the ‘Contact Us’ form needs to have an optimized design that provides a smooth and intuitive experience. There are a lot of ways to improve the user experience, and some of the most important are to:

  • Keep it simple

Simple online forms that have fewer fields are more likely to be completed, and you should apply that to your ‘Contact Us’ form. To be more specific you will want to ensure that you only include fields that are absolutely essential in your form, such as the email address, subject and content.

  • Adjust the size of fields based on the expected answer length

Sizing your contact form’s fields based on the expected answer length makes them more intuitive. Ideally the field shouldn’t be much larger or much smaller than the expected answer, though a certain amount of wiggle room is important.

  • Provide clear and precise error messages

If there is an error in filling up your contact form you need to provide a clear error message that lets the respondent know exactly what is wrong. General messages aren’t very helpful and tend to just confuse people rather than helping them.

At the end of the day the goal should be to structure a simple and straightforward form that has guidance where needed. Sometimes that may mean that you need to restructure or modify the design of your contact form, and knowing how to create a contact form in HTML is important if you need to do so. The good news is there are easier options than actually learning HTML, and you could use AidaForm, for example.

It should be noted that there are other external factors that can play a part in the effectiveness of a ‘Contact Us’ form, such as the page speed, web design, and so on. Suffice to say if your contact form still isn’t effective despite having improved its user experience – you may want to look into other possibilities.

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