How Does Kucoin Stand Out In The Crowd Of Virtual Currencies?

A completely new decentralized exchange called Kucoin. By decentralization, we mean really decentralized. Where at Bitrex and other exchanges you need to verify your identity if you want to withdraw large amounts, Kucoin is completely anonymous and there is no withdrawal limit. If you ask us, an exchange for the people as crypto means!

Where the trading fee of platforms such as Bitrex and Bitfinex disappears into its own pockets, Kucoin distributes 90% of the fee among its users. They give it back through the referral program and by giving interest to the owners of the KCS coin.

Because a reliable and especially safe exchange launch in 2017 will entail considerable costs, they have launched KCS to finance the platform as ICO on the Ethereum blockchain.

Everyone who now buys KCS actually helps the platform to exist. Having KCS also has benefits for the user. For example, everyone who has KCS on their account will receive interest at 0:00 o’clock every day.

The interest amount depends on the volume of the exchange. So the higher the volume, the higher the interest rate. Other advantages of Kucoin are:

  •  Lower trading fees
  • Faster customer service (24/7 response within 10 minutes)
  • Daily interest at 0:00
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Lucrative partner program

Kucoin can be found here.  The ICO can be found here at

Interest In KCS is going up

Kucoin, therefore, gives interest on the KCS that you have on the exchange. In the graph below you can see how interest you get on your KCS when Kucoin reaches a daily volume of 30,000 bitcoins. (Bitfinex’s largest exchange in Bitcoin volume today had a volume of 35,000 bitcoin).

If the BTC / ETH reaches a volume of 30,000 BTC you will receive a bonus every day in your account. In the above case, you will receive both BTC and ETH. As you can see, this can increase considerably. The graph shows only 1 trading pair and Kucoin has 36 trading pairs at the time of writing. The daily bonus can, therefore, increase considerably. You will always receive the bonus in the digital currency of the trading pair. You can, of course, swap this for Bitcoins but it is also a fun way to quickly collect multiple cryptocurrencies.

Kucoin Partner Program

Kucoin started promoting the platform in October and uses a referral system/partner program to promote the exchange. In this way, you receive 20% of the trading fees from every one you submit to the platform. In addition, you also get 12% of everyone that they apply. If those people bring others to you, you get 8% more once, after which it stops.

kucoin reviews shows that it’s not a pyramid scheme like Bitconnect where this continues until the seventh layer and where the actual revenue model of the platform can be questioned.

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