How to Keep In Touch With Family While Overseas

The idea of travelling overseas or simply leaving the country is always exciting, especially if it’s your first time.You look up places to visit while you’re there, even if it’s a short stay. At first it’s comfortable and adventurous but it can get gloomy once you start missing your family and friends who are back home. Keeping in touch with them will help you. As International phone calls are expensive and limits the communication, It is preferred that you resort to some other ways like:

Posting Mail

Sounds old-fashioned but it’s one of the best way to keep in touch as there is a physical connection even if it’s through a piece of paper. It creates a sort of attachment and you will always be looking forward to receiving your mail. Sending and receiving parcels, postcards and packages is also fun as you get to share a piece/memoir of the place you are staying and also receive a piece of your home.

Connecting Through Apps

Thanks to internet based platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp you can talk to your family and friends who are back home. Through Skype you can have a face time and catch up. Through WhatsApp you can instantly share messages and keep them updated. The best part about WhatsApp is that you don’t have to change your local phone number, so you won’t lose any of your contacts.

Scheduled Communication

Considering the fact that you may have different time zones, it may be difficult to find a perfect time when you’re both awake and available. Creating a realistic timetable and informing them about your daily routine is a good way to ensure that you have constant communication with those you left behind. Otherwise you might not be able to reach each other at the right time.

Be Positive

Yes, how you handle your new life is important as it affects your attitude generally. Sometimes things get rough and you feel overwhelmed. This might bring you down and create distance and disconnection between you and the people back home.

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