Is Your Ecommerce Site Trustworthy?

A few fleeting moments is all it takes to determine whether a visitor on your site will add to your sales or bounce rate. When you have only a few seconds to make that favorable first impression, it is important to make them count. Given the rising number of internet scams, malwares and phishing nets afloat in the virtual space today, more and more users are becoming wary of sites that appear dubious or phony. Emphasis on security should be a priority when seeking ecommerce solutions. Does your site appear trustworthy to potential buyers? Here’s a checklist of top ecommerce development processes that can make a difference in establishing your credibility:

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Impactful Design

Think of what motivates you to decide on which shops to explore and which ones to leave out when you are out shopping in a marketplace or a mall. Obviously, the ones with a better window display, well-kept mannequins turn out to be bigger crowd pullers. The same principle applies to your online store as well. In this age and time of endless technologically powered resources, there is just no good excuse to put up a shabbily designed storefront. Some key thumb rules that can help you achieve this end are – a clean design, simple layout, clarity in stock images, quality content free from plagiarism, typos and grammatical errors, and a consistent use of a chosen font style.

Focus on Creating a Personality

No matter which niche of online selling you are looking to foray into, there is a good chance that there are already a number of established online players doing business in that market. In this scenario, how do you make you online store stand out? Use your ecommerce site’s home page or the about us section to let your target buyers know who you are, what’s your mission statement, and why they should choose you over your counterparts. How well you are able to drive home this message will determine the kind of response your online store gathers, especially during the initial stages. Top it up with some testimonials and a clearly defined call to action to create an ecommerce site with a personality that stands out.

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Display Secure Badges

Online buyers are a lot less likely to engage in transactions with a site that does not give priority to internet security. With people becoming more versed in the nuances of online shopping, more and more buyers today are becoming increasingly conscious about their security and privacy. It is, therefore, crucial to let your visitors know that their personal and financial information is absolutely secure with you. A few surefire ways of establishing your credibility are – displaying a clear and well-defined secure server message on your site before at the checkout stage, displaying SSL certificate symbol on your site, having a dedicated footer on your homepage to display trust badges and an unambiguous terms and conditions segment that tells your visitors how you are going to use any information submitted on your site.

By putting in place these simple measures and engaging in active communication with your target audience you can easily add credibility to your operations and earn yourself a loyal clientele.

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