How IP Phones Work For A Business Setup?

IP phone is like the traditional phones, but unlike the conventional phone lines or network, the IP phone system uses interface from Internet Protocol (IP) and LAN for moving documents and making calls inside the network of the office network of the phone provider. It uses the same system as used by your computers and other devices. So, through this network, your employees only use one interface for all communications.

IP phones have Wi-Fi capability that will let you talk using the Wi-Fi hotspot. You will be able to call other IP phones, cell phones; VoIP connected devices as well as traditional landline phones and not only that you can make a video call as well with voice calls.

Types of IP Phones

IP phones come as per the different hardware available. Most IP business phones are like traditional phones with a cradle, buttons and handset. Some IP phones are like the smartphones. You can fit an analog telephone adaptor (ATA) and use your traditional phone as an IP phone, for example, Grandstream Oman.

Are there any Benefits of IP Phones?

The popularity of IP phones is growing because they have some advantages over traditional telephones and cell phones.

  • Cost is one such benefit. It is a proven fact that using IP phone, 30 percent is saved monthly at an average.
  • By using IP phone, you can simplify your billing system too. Traditionally you had to use two separate lines, one for your phone services and one for your telephone, but using IP phone works over the internet. So, no need for an extra telephone line.
  • Your IP phone gives you the freedom of calling from anywhere. If you have an internet connection, you can call anywhere using it.

Therefore, looking at such benefits, you can assume why businesses and customers are shifting towards IP phones like Grandstream IP Phone Oman.

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