How to Use to Make Your Wireless Home Network Secure?

When it comes to setting up a home network, users often tend to care less about the security aspect. This would not have been the case with proper knowledge about the risks that an unsecured network comes with. The IP address can be used an effective default address to make a home network secure. In the Configuration panel, which can be accessed by entering this IP address into the browser URL bar, you can do the majority of security tweaks. In this panel, you can make your home network more secure with the following steps.

Alter the SSID

Knowing your SSID can make anyone better able to break into the home network you are using. You should get into the Configuration panel with the IP address and change the SSID to something that is more unique. Simultaneously, you should turn off the SSID broadcast.

Change the login defaults

Next, you should change the login name and password set as defaults. A lot of users leave the default setting just as it is, and feel content with it. But it is highly recommended that you change the login name and password set as default. It will be a major step closer to a more secure network.

Activate the MAC address filtering

Turn on MAC address filtering, which would be activated as one more security layer. Using it along with wireless encryption will take the security of your home network to a much higher level.


Turn on strong encryption

In your network support, you should choose and implement the most robust encryption for your wireless internet devices. You can do this easily in the Configuration panel which can be accessed by typing in WEP encryption will need you to alter the password every month. If you want to prevent hackers from cracking your network password, always make use of special characters, numbers and capital letters in the passwords you set.

Activate the firewall

You should turn on the firewall in the PCs and the router in your home network. The firewall can be configured easily from the Configuration panel, which can be accessed with the aid of the aforementioned IP address. Turning your firewall on will help you to make your home network fully safe from any type of intrusion.

Turn off auto-connection

This is unrelated with but needs to be mentioned. You should disable any enabled open wireless network connections that your wireless device may attempt to connect to, and compromise your home security in the process.

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