How to Store Uni Work Safely With Most Powerful Apps

used to have terrible experience where their data or photos have been vanished. Whatever might be the problem, you can just blame your ignorance, or laptop for the loss. The stories of the students whose project work has gone off at the last moment are really troublesome and we just can’t dare to get into their shoes even. Hence make sure to store uni work safely.

  1. External hard drive

Even if internet is not working, you can still access the volumes of documents and the photos which you have stored in the external hard drive. These are very important and as well useful for everyone as the capacity to store is much higher compared to the USB stick which you generally make use of.

  1. iCloud for iOS Users:

Create login credentials to your iCloud and every notes that you save on iOS can be used even if your laptop crashes. This app is best for essays and notes.

  1. Secure your Data with Dropbox

Upload all your files to Dropbox and you can secure with your account. If you need more space then you can pay for that.

  1. Sort Information with Evernote

Using this app you can clip articles and data you have researched for your work. Create note books and make to do lists to complete your work soon and with ease. You can use it in an organized way for your yearly project as well.

  1. Beneficial App Wunderlist

Now you can make a note of to do-list and even save everything which is present on devices. All this happens as this app gets in sync with other devices. You can tick on the tasks that are completed. There is even scope to create group lists and allocate tasks to them by including comments.

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