How to Protect Your Identity from Fraud after Being Stolen

There are several ID Guard programs currently on the market that offer services that basically work to keep a member’s personal information safe as well as names safe from theft. These types of programs come with:

  • Identity protection
  • Wallet and credit card theft protection
  • Insurance coverage
  • Credit rate monitoring
  • Assistance help

Insurance amounts are a million or more in dollar coverage for costs that often are incurred due to this type of loss and fraud. These theft protection programs offer a suite of security that is installed on your mobile and computer devices. These identity guard programs focus on:

  • Stopping the theft of identity
  • Recovery assistance

Recovery assistants are available to help a member through the entire process when wallet or purse has been stolen.

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Other Database Monitors

Most of these programs also offer, maintain and monitors credit scores with all 3 of the credit bureaus. These programs also watch databases that are public for any information such as credit information and also monitor any known black market sites where this type of information is traded or sold. Additionally, these programs offer theft assistance for recovery that goes far beyond most credit card companies when wallets or purses are stolen.

Emergency Cash

These programs offer emergency cash if theft happens when a member’s wallet is stolen while away from home or in another country. Those who travel often get these programs for this feature alone and for the help with canceling credit cards and replacing IDs as quickly as possible.

ID Items

 Many people don’t realize the various identity items that can be stolen such as:

  • Full name
  • Telephone number
  • Social security number
  • Address
  • Bank account information
  • Medical insurance card

They also monitor ID information on loan and lease applications and public records.

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Computers are a common target for security problems so these programs offer a security suite of software for its members. There is also a service that can remove names from junk mail rolls, decreasing the chance of theft and making false credit card charges. For an additional charge, these programs can also protect members’ children’s identities. Most parents do not realize how important this is because children are 30 to 40 percent are likely to have identities stolen.

How to Start

If you believe that you would like to have a program with this type of assistance, then get on your computer and do research on the most popular ID guard review programs and their monthly fees.

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