How to Format USB Flash Drive on Mac and Wipe Data?

The most recent pattern with PCs is excluding a CD/DVD drive. This helps the PCs to be little and lighter. Mac has begun doing this when the MacBook Air landed on the scene. They have additionally incorporated this with their most recent tablets and their iMac’s.

I’ve been perusing how a few photographic artists have attempted to change from utilizing CD/DVD’s to USB streak drives to convey their computerized pictures to their customers. Due to the issues they have had with their customers, having the capacity to peruse the USB streak drive, they changed back to utilizing CD/DVD’s. This article will show you how to format USB drive and wipe data under Mac OS. I have two sections to this instructional exercise

Double Click on the Finder symbol that is situated in the Dock. It would appear that the Apple smiley confront. Here’s a photo.

A discoverer window ought to be open at this point. On the left hand side of the discoverer window find “Applications”. Tap on Applications to open the Applications envelope.

In the Application Windows search for the Utilities Folder. Double tap on the Utilities envelope.

If you haven’t effectively connected to your USB streak drive into your Mac, kindly do as such now before going ahead to Step 5.

Look for the Disk Utility symbol and double tap it.

Note: From this progression on please make an effort to remain cautious. You would prefer not to delete the wrong plate. Doing this will erase every one of the information on the plate. In the event that you coincidentally pick the wrong circle you won’t have the capacity to recoup the information without exceptional programming or even an information recuperation authority, which can be to a great degree costly.


Locate your USB streak drive. Mine showcases as 2 GB SMI USB DISK Media, and then underneath it you will see USB DISK. Tap on USB Disk.

When you tap on USB Disk you will see a couple of tabs. Tap on the Erase tab.

You will see Format: Select ExFAT

You will see Name: Input the name you might want to call it, for instance your customers name or your business name. You just get 11 characters and spaces consider a character. Try not to utilize any images or unique characters. For this case I will utilize my organization name contracted: JSP

Your screen ought to resemble the screen case underneath.

Now if everything looks right tap on the Erase catch. Vital: AGAIN, PLEASE CONFIRM YOU ARE ERASING THE CORRECT DISK. YOU WILL SEE THIS SELECTED ON THE LEFT SIDE. An affirmation window will fly up. Tap on the Erase Button.

The designing procedure is really speedy relying upon how old your Mac is. Tragically there is no affirmation that the PC is done designing your USB streak drive. At the point when it’s set it will consequently mount the drive with the name you gave it. When you see this you can close the Disk Utility application.

You are finished. Your USB streak drive is currently prepared to pictures. And other tools like Super Eraser for Mac also can help you easily and quickly erase USB drive data under Mac OS.

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