How To Choose A Good eSports Betting Website

eSports betting is placing bets on teams playing various online games like league of legends, Critical Strike: Global Offensive etc. Even a decade ago, there was nothing like eSports betting. This is a very new concept, but it is already gaining popularity. However, eSports betting is still only popular among a niche audience of gamers and gaming enthusiasts. But still there are way too many eSports sites available on the internet and more and more of these sites are cropping up nearly everyday. Here are some tips to finding a good site for eSports betting.

  • Ask your fellow gamers if they have ever wagered on any games and if yes then which website have they used and will they recommend the site to you.
  • Look online for lists and recommendations of the best sites available for eSports betting. You will find quite a few names such as on the lists,
  • Once you have short listed a few names, you need to look for information regarding those sites. Get as much background information as you can.
  • Read reviews and testimonials from fellow bettors and if any of these websites have serious complains against them then avoid those at all costs.


  • Remember that not all the websites are here to do serious business. Some, of the sites are really here to make off with your money. So, be very careful.
  • Opt for a site that has been in business for a while. If a business has been around for a long while then they probably have a good reason for being around.
  • Find a website that is easy to navigate and has fast loading time. Most of the rounds in eSporting games get done within 15 minutes or less. So, you need a site that loads quite fast and doesn’t let you down.
  • Before you sign up with a site, read their terms and conditions and about page. You will glean a lot of information this way. Take special note of their pay out policies.

All of these steps will be very helpful in finding a site that will suit your needs.

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