How to Capture Streaming Video with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac makes it possible for you to record an online video and watch it on your computer or mobile device when you have no internet. You can use it to record educational videos for yourself or your kids to learn something in the free time. The size of the output screencast video is reasonable and can be stored on your hard disk without any problem. It supports DVD format so you can choose to save the video in DVD format if you want to burn it to a DVD.

To capture streaming video on Mac, the first step is to launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac. The first thing that you see when you launch the screen capture software is a gray launcher window. You can click the switch to compact mode link to reduce the size of the launcher window and enable it to auto hide. When you click on the Record screen button, the recording frame will routinely adjust to the window where you hover your mouse cursor.

With the crosshair cursor, you must select the video player so that the orange borderline surrounds it. If the video has sounds, you must make sure that the audio system is enabled. You must make sure your speaker volume has been turned up loud enough. You can use the schedule recording function to set the video recording to stop at a scheduled time. For example, if the video lasts for 30 minutes, you can set the screen recorder software to stop 30 minutes after you press the Rec button.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac also can record audio tracks without any video. If you like a song but can’t download it directly online, you can launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac and record the song. Since you are just recording the audio track, you don’t have to make a precise adjustment on the recording frame.

You just have to simply click anywhere on the screen and click the audio system button to enable the recording of the speakers. Next, you can press the Rec button to record the song track. When it has recorded the entire song track, you can press the stop button and save it in an audio format such as MP3. After you finish recording, you can press the stop button to save the video or audio track in any format you wish to save in.

In the save as dialog box, you can click the gear wheel beside the video format to configure the frame rate. You can choose a frame rate value that ranges from 1 – 120 from the frame rate drop down menu. The larger the frame rate value, the higher the video quality and the bigger the video file will be. You must give your video screencast an appropriate name and click the … button to set the destination folder. There is a pop-up window with the open folder button when the screencast video is saved. The video is usually saved at a very fast speed with the help of the SuperSpeed technology.

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