How Can Your Brand Benefit from Facebook Advertising?

These days, it is not a question how Facebook owns the throne of being the most popular and widely used social networking website in the world. Some even say Facebook’s user population is as huge as that of China, the most populous country on Earth. As for businessmen, it just means Facebook is absolutely a powerful ground of potential customers and current clients. Facebook collects an enormous amount of personal data, thus it is an ideal platform to learn about your business’s target niche. More than that, you can even reach a lot of potential customers across the globe for free or with effective campaign.

To take advantage of Facebook’s potential, below are seven ways you might want to consider:

  1. Entice more customers through Facebook contests. Contests are one of the effective ways to invite existing customers and prospective customers to get to know your product more by taking them as a prize. But at the same time, make sure your content does not look obvious in raising brand awareness. To do so, you can work together with a local organization. This way, you are also able to boost your community outreach while promoting your brand simultaneously. Most of all, contests are free to host, thus no jumping on board is necessary because doing god is fun for all Facebook users involved.
  2. Take advantage of videos. While YouTube can be a useful add-on to your Facebook page, the latter has recently launched another awesome update that is allowing featured videos and video playlists locally. Uploading videos via Facebook is advantageous as a more professional feel is present and it can be presented in a large format alogn with the comment feed. Also, Facebook videos have been tested to generate more engagement than Vimeo and even YouTube.
  1. Create a Facebook advertising that targets people on your email list. This is rather a proactive way compared to the old practice of typically sending the usual email to clients, leads, or blog subscribers. How does it work? Practically, if the email address they used to sign in on Facebook is active, they will be able to see your ad. If your aim is to increase sales, increase brand awareness, or drive additional traffic, this strategy suits you. However, you have to use some tools for this one to work. You can simply target your email lists in Facebook’s Ad manager whose audience setting can be customized, or you can use a common provider like Mailchimp to eaisly incorporate your email list on facebook.
  1. Place custom tabs. The good thing about Facebook is it welcomes all types of users, either you are on it for personal use or for business use. One of the perks is it allows you to arrange your Facebook page tabs and more than that, it allows you to install additional free tabs that you can use to link your e-commerce store or other social media profiles like Instagram or Twitter.


  1. Enhance your customer service strategy. You are dealing with Facebook that is by far the best in terms of usability, thus might as well take advantage of it to improve your customer service. On Facebook, your clients can easily express their insights about your product or service as much as they can easily connect with your customer service team. Therefore, it is safe to prepare for more queries of clients asking about your pricing, shipping, payment terms and a lot more concerns. After all, it is a way better platform when compared to emails with lesser touch of sincerity. By preparing, it means you should be able to respond to their inquiries as briefly and quickly as possible.
  1. Focus more on users who are similar to your page “likes”. Users who like your page are probably the type of people who look up to your brand. It would be best if you expose your page to more people like them by advertising on Facebook to target similar audience. Lookalike audiences are part of Facebooks’ custom audiences. Choose from cccc and ccccc to simplify your target group.
  1. Try to use cross-channel re-marketing. Also known as retargeting, remarketing integrates otherwise noncompatible advertising platforms like Goodle Adwords and Facebook. If Facebook advertising does not work, but Google Adwords or Bing does, then cross-channel remarketing is probably the solution you are looking for. With this, you can drive keyword-driven traffic from Google to your website and target visitors but all this will be done on Facebook. Cross-channel remarketing is so beneficial as you will be able to target a massive audience composed of potential customers. In retargeting via Facebook, potential customers are usually surrounded by their familiar photos of family and friends. Thus, they might be more likely to convert. Also, your ads will be appearing everywhere and this can immensely benefit your branding.


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