Here’s 3 Top ILC Cameras worth Owning

If you’re interested in purchasing a high quality, versatile camera that will give you fantastic control over the pictures you can take, then you can’t go wrong by choosing an ilc camera. The ‘ilc’ stands for ‘interchangeable lens camera’, which is commonly referred to as a mirrorless camera. Of course, this means the camera won’t have a mirror reflex optical viewfinder and allows you to effortless switch between whichever lens you’d prefer to work with.

In this guide, we’re going to show you a selection of fantastic ilc cameras that are now accessible. On the off chance that you pick any of these; then you can rest assured that you’ve invested your hard earn money wisely. So let’s quickly take a look at what we have for you.


1 – Samsung NX500 – In case you’re searching for a camera that offers you close proficient quality and adaptability yet is still convenient and compact enough to take on a family holiday, then you’ll resist finding a better choice than this ilc camera from Samsung.

With a price that sits around 800 USD, it’s indeed not the least expensive camera around, but it definitely provides great value for money once you understand the incredible features it manages to provide for the price. In fact, it easily rivals cameras that cost a great deal more than this one. The lenses are effortless to change, and it even gives you fantastic video recording capabilities, too.

2 – Sony A7R II – For people who have a more generous budget to play with, perhaps you’d enjoy using this camera from Sony. With a price close to $3k, it’s certainly firmly placed within the ‘pro-consumer’ category – but it’s hard to deny the incredible quality and function it provides you with. The picture and video quality are unsurpassed, and the well-designed camera is very comfortable to work with.


Overall, this is a fantastic camera and a real joy to own – but perhaps the only downside is the battery length. You’ll certainly benefit from taking a spare battery with you if you’re using this camera for an extended shooting session.

3 – Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 – The Panasonic Lumix line has been a respected product for many years, and this DMC-G7 is no exception. At a price of around $1k, it’s reasonably priced considerably the quality it provides. It’s great for use as a high-end family camera, and the video features, in particular, are very fun to play with.

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