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I think we can all agree by now that search engine optimization and link building has become very important to online business owners today, and ensuring that correct SEO practices are implemented is crucial for success. Gone are the days when you could simply just index a basic html website and blast it with thousands of spammy blog comments to gain those top rankings. Today, there are many elements of SEO that people need to understand and implement to make sure that their websites are able to rank for those all important phrases and keywords in their niches. So what are the most important aspects of search engine optimization today? This can be broken down into on page and off page SEO. Let’s discuss them in more detail below.

1) On Page SEO

On page search engine optimization is all about the content, structure, style and meta tags of your website. Firstly, website owners need to ensure that all content added to their website is 100% unique, readable and engaging to visitors. By ensuring the content is unique, you will prevent your site from being hit by a Google penalty and if your content is engaging it will reduce bounce rate which can improve ranking. The structure and style of your website should be appealing and navigation must also be easy for those potential clients or customers that visit your site. Try to use a website template that loads fast as this can also contribute to a better ranking.


Last but certainly not least is the meta tags. This is your title, description and keywords of your homepage and also inner pages. Correct optimization and usage of keywords in your meta tags on each page of your website will help your site to rank for relevant terms and also increase CTR.

2) Off Page SEO

Off page search engine optimization is link building and other promotaional activities. This includes the likes of guest posting, blog posts, social bookmarks, press releases etc. When it comes to off page seo you need to be very careful which types of link building you engage in. Some techniques that worked wonders many years ago do not work that well anymore and can potentially cause damage to your website if you use them. This includes blog comments and forum profile spamming. The safer route for link building is to do guest posting. If you can get a unique article published on a webiste with high trust and authority that offers a DOFOLLOW link back to your website, this will do wonders for your rankings. Make sure you mix up the anchor texts for diversity and also use your raw url as an anchor.

So that was a quick breakdown of the 2 types of SEO and their level of importance. As you can see there are many aspects of SEO that an individual needs to attend to in order to ensure that their website is able to rank on search engines. Too many people today overlook on page seo and are quick to jump straight to link building to increase their rankings. The reality though, is that if your on page seo is not top notch, you’re link building efforts will go down the drain. There are also many free website templates and premium themes to choose from when building a website. Try to choose ones that are responsive in design and offer fast loading times.

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