Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Freeware

Each computer must be equipped with a hard drive to store some files which can be modified as the users wish. Since the files on your hard drive can be easily modified, so you have to be ready just in case someday you delete or format your hard drive accidentally. If it happens to you, you must be very sad because you will lose your important data. If you do not know about lost files recovery, so you will never get your data back. Therefore, suppose you format your hard drive, you are no need to worry or feel sad because we have developed a sophisticated hard disk drive data recovery freeware for you if you want to recover your lost data. However, you have to remember that you are not allowed to copy, put, or add some files in the hard drive before you perform the recovery.

So, you should not waste your time now and download Do Your Data Recovery Free as the best hard disk drive data recovery freeware which can be installed in your Mac OS PC or Windows PC. This software is very important when you accidentally lose your important documents, pictures, videos, audios, and much more. This simple freeware is quite easy to use, so you are no need to learn how to use it because it only can be done in three steps to get your data back. If you want to try and use this software, you can download Do Your Data Recovery Free as the best hard disk drive data recovery freeware nowadays. Besides, this freeware can also be used to recover any other storage devices such as Micro SD, Flash Drive, Smartphone, Camera, and etc.

Follow these steps when you have some difficulties to use this hard disk drive data recovery freeware.

Step 1: Choosing Hard Drive Partition

After downloading the program, you can run it and you will go to the first window. This window allows you to select your partition of the hard drive to scan. Just simply choose the partition which contains your lost files and then click “Next”.

Step 2: Choosing the File Types to Scan

Before going to the recovery process, you are required to check the file types that are going to be scanned. Or you can also just simply click “Select All” to scan the whole file formats. Next, you can just click “Quick Recover” and then click “Scan”.

Step 3: Preview Your Deleted Files

The scanning is finally done and you can see your lost files in the preview. This window also allows you to select some of your files that are going to be recovered, and you can also select all to recover the whole files. Next, you can click “Recover” button at the bottom.

In summary, Do Your Data Recovery can be considered as the best hard disk drive data recovery freeware that can recover your entire lost files. You can also perform the same recovery steps to recover any lost files from your Micro SD or Flash drive. Suppose you do not find your files, you can choose “Advance Recovery” mode but it needs a longer time to finish the scanning. If you think that this freeware is important, so you can download Do Your Data Recovery Free.

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