Guide to Buying LED bulbs

With threats of global warming, there is a need to come up with ecologically friendly ways to manage our energy as well as carbon levels in the atmosphere. A considerable amount of our power comes from fuel driven generators which contribute to the high levels of carbon in the environment. So we need to minimize the usage of power in our homes. An ingenious way of doing so is incorporating the use of LED lights.

Before you buy yourself an LED bulb, it is wise to be informed of some specifications. Let’s take a look at some things you need to consider before you purchase your first LED bulb:

  1. Brightness

One of key features to consider when shopping for LED bulbs is how bright the bulb is. When shopping for incandescent bulbs, it is normal to check the bulb’s wattage. However, when looking for an LED bulb you’d better pay attention to number of lumen produced by it. A lumen is the measure of the bulb’s luminous flux and is the measure of LED lamps’ brightness.

  1. Color

LED lamps come with a wide array of colors. Popular colors are usually in spectrum of white such as warm white, bright white and soft white. Light color is usually measured in kelvins, and the lower is the kelvin temperature, the yellower is the light.

  1. Beam angle

Another key thing to put into consideration is the bulb’s beam angle. A narrow beam angle makes the light more focused and more intense. A wider beam angle, on the other hand, helps distributing the light better. So if you intend to light up a large room, you better buy an LED bulb with a wide beam angle.

  1. Light fixture

Before you buy an LED bulb, you should consider where you’d like to place it. Even though LED lamps’ surface don’t heat up, they still produce heat. However, the heat is usually pulled away by a heat sink at the base of the bulb and dissipated into the air leaving the light bulb cool. However, if the bulb is placed into an enclosed fixture, the heat won’t dissipate and it shortens the lamp’s operational life.

  1. Price

LED lamps are considerably pricier than incandescent bulbs. However, the benefits outweigh the cost especially since you’ll enjoy longer bulb’s life as well less power consumption.

let’s also take a look at what you gain when you buy an LED bulb or install an LED lighting system. There are many perks that come with installing an LED system in your house. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using LEDs in your lighting system:

  • Long-lasting – LED lamps are usually long lasting comparing to incandescent bulbs because they do not burn out like the other bulbs.
  • Energy efficient – LED lamps are more efficient in comparison to the other forms of lighting. In fact, LED lamps have an efficiency of about 80% comparing to 20% efficiency of incandescent bulbs.
  • Ecologically friendly– LED lamps are usually free of toxic materials. Some traditional lighting forms contain materials that are harmful to the environment such as mercury. LED lamps are also 100% recyclable.
  • Durability – LEDs are made of materials that are highly durable and can withstand even the roughest conditions including all kinds of weather.

There are much more benefits of LEDs. These are only the most popular ones. Taste all of them by installing LEDs at your home or office.

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