Guide to a secure and private Facebook profile

Facebook, being an important part of this digital world, helps you connect with those who are far away from you. In the long run, you get your old relations back and also form some new ones. But what if someone, from Facebook, tries to misuse your data or your profile? It can be easily done if you don’t stay responsible enough towards your profile. To avoid such problems, you need to maintain a clean, safe and private Facebook profile. We can help you do so by following some simple points. We’ve mentioned them below. And yes, search for Voucher bucket whenever you’re in need of valid discount codes, latest free codes or any promo codes.

  • Secure your account: A strong password is an integral part of a safe Facebook account. Use a password which you use nowhere else so that nobody can have a clue what it can be. Don’t share it with anybody and make sure it’s a strong one. Many other apps allow access after logging in to Facebook account. So, if you compromise on your Facebook password, your other accounts will automatically be affected. Do turn on the “Login Approvals” of Facebook which will always warn you when your account gets logged in from any other device.
  • Review the privacy settings of your account: Facebook allows the user to have complete control on the profile. It offers key privacy shortcuts like “Who can see my stuff?” You can change it to “Friends” from “Public”. It will make sure only your friends can see your posts. Also, review all the settings of “Timeline and Tagging”. Facebook’s Privacy Check up tool is also good to look for. It will review all your settings, and you can change them as per your wish. This tool is available only on desktop or laptop. But not to worry, it will very soon be added to mobile phones too.
  • Limit your friend list: Facebook has a statement asking you to be friends with only them whom you know. Adding strangers to your friends’ list hinders your privacy, and even unknown people will get to see what you think, what you post, how you look, etc. Check your friend list and limit it to only known people. Unfriend those, whom you’re in no longer contact with. If you think unfriending someone is very mean, Facebook has a solution for that too. You can add that person to an “Acquaintances” or to the “Restricted” list. It means that they will be restricted to only those posts which you mark “Public”. It is as effective as unfriending someone, without them having any idea about it.
  • Download your Facebook data: You might not be sure about what data you have shared, or what data of you are floating around out in public. If this is the case with you and if you’re worried about it, Facebook has a solution to it. Facebook users are allowed to download the whole facebook data. You can do this by simply following this process Settings > General Account Settings > Download a copy of your Facebook data. The process will begin when you click on “Start My Archive”. This will then let you see all your data on facebook including what you’ve shared, what you’ve posted, what messages you’ve sent, and the ads that you’ve clicked on.
  • Check or delete apps: The New York Times story says that apps are a source that can help someone to acquire all the user data. Various apps, while installation, ask access to your data. Allowing such access might create problems later on. Your data might get leaked to the person who has built the app and then he can give it to anybody he likes. This has happened before and can again occur in future. So, to avoid this situation, review all the apps that you’ve ever used. Delete them and save your data. In the settings, you’ll get the list of every app which is linked to your account. Remove them, and your account will entirely get rid of them.

These are the tips that can help you maintain a wholly private and safe Facebook profile. But we suggest you stop the use of Facebook if there’s no need. The concept is to stay away from the source if you want to avoid the related problems. It connects you with people far away, but you never know who can misuse that connection.

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