Google Chrome Update Optimizes Page Load and Browser Startup Times

Google Chrome is a browser for accessing the World Wide Web more conveniently. It is released in 2008 for PCs and Windows and later on with few updates in its functions it is made compatible to run for android and IOS operating systems and almost all the platform Linux, Mac, iPhone and iPads etc. Google Chrome has become slow when new features were introduced that ultimately affected the battery time and took much time for page loading while developers were busy to fix these problems other browsers like OPERA, FIREFOX took its place.

But now again Google chrome has become the fastest browser as it fulfills all the changes that technology demands these days. Google chrome has introduced some more exciting features along with the increase in its speed and its usability. It left all other browsers like OPERA, FIREFOX behind with its new browser start up times

Techrave mentioned Google chrome is suitable for browsing and it the best browser available now when it comes to optimizations, Chrome has been designed in such a way that it requires more system resources and consumes more battery but the developers are working in this and very soon they will fix this problem of consuming much battery by using Google chrome. It is to be expected that by the end of this December you will get through with this problem.


The developers are more working on optimizing the speed and its overall performance. In the latest update of Google chrome, version 53_ 64 bit, contains a number of bug fixes and security updates. Version 54_32 bit Google chrome has increased its speed and overall performance.

Now you can easily open the PDF file while using Google chrome which was not possible before. For which you have to first download it and after downloading the file you have to save it then you can open the file.

Google chrome has increased its time about 6% to load the pages. You can easily load more pages at a time within no time. Time to load new tab is also increased about 15% and the browser start up time is also increased by almost 17%.These are some add-on which makes Google chrome the fastest browser.

It gives a look that the developers of Google chrome are more concentrating on optimizing, by maximizing the desired factors and minimizing the undesired factors and make enhancement in its speed, page load and overall performance.

As mentioned in an article on chrome is the best browser currently.

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