Flexible Client Billing with Alpaka app

Im a designer, I want to design! I hate paperwork and billing, I’m sure I hate it enough that I don’t do it right and miss things I should be charging for. All freelancers must feel the same way- working on your own can be exhausting when you have to submit accounts and chase payments and record your billable time. I needed to find the right app to help me get that last bit right- I found Alpaka Punch which is like a stopwatch where you chose clients or projects in the timer so it records your whole day and can report who to bill and how much time you spent on them. Its my best tip for business owners or freelancers and even fellow designers, anyone who has a need to get accurate client billing.

Advantages with the App:

This app is so simple I spend nearly no time using it. Its on my phone so its always close to hand, it only has two screens to look at- the timer and the list of tasks I have done so it is not a distraction. When I want to round up my tasks I can export and download into timesheets or my calendar. Now I can very easily to provide my clients with greater detail at the end of the month without any hassle. Now I don’t make mistakes and lose opportunities to bill for things.

Never Lose Revenue:

The app is free but I pay a subscription for the www.alpaka.io web version. The website makes it easy to review what I have been doing and see what I have in the pipeline. The most important thing that the app has shown me is how much time I was not billing for- phone calls that interrupt my work are now charged against the caller! Awesome.

So if you are a freelancer that hates paperwork and probably misses out on billing a lot of work I would recommend giving Alpaka Punch a try.

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