FEILUN FX 133 The Best Indoor Flyer

The FEILUN FX133 Mini is another little quad copter from FEILUN and we’re back to roots with just your principal flip mode, headless, one key return, and some kind of auto arrive include.

Nowadays there appear to be a hundred quad copters a month turning out and they all have things like height hold, insane cameras, and different highlights that are decent yet can sometimes be excessively. The FX133 is a breath of outside air with its simplistic highlights and indoor flying capacities.

Design astute the FEILUN FX133 very little at around 3 inches and tipping the scales at 50g, it comes in orange or green, incorporates prop guards, an inherent 100mAh battery, and a power switch.

The quadcopter likewise includes a little bit of PCB sticking out of the back which is the place you associate the charger for charging the battery.

It’s not out of the ordinary and makes things less demanding when you’re a beginner however the absence of a removable battery limits you since you’ll need to sit tight for the battery to charge in the middle of 4-minute flights.

The transmitter for this RC Quadcopter is entirely respectable looking with every one of the catches marked pleasantly and it likewise accompanies level topped control sticks that will make anyone used to playing an amusement comfort feel comfortable.

They specify that it has a “One key Landing” mode and keeping in mind that typically you see this on something with height hold my best figure is that on this quad copter it will just gradually bring down your throttle to step by step cut the FEILUN FX133 down.

Flip mode is one element that you’ll be hard squeezed NOT to discover on a quad copter nowadays and enables you to flip toward any path with the push of a catch and a control stick.

A headless mode is a valuable apparatus for beginners figuring out how to oversee throttle since it will move whichever course you need paying little heed to introduction however it is something you would prefer not to depend on utilizing since it truly constrains your flights.

While this is, for the most part, an indoor flyer I expect that it will do affirm outside in more pleasant climate with low breezes.

Last Thoughts

By and large t, e FX 133 from FEILUN is by all accounts a not too bad quad copter and in case you’re in the northern side of the equator will be extraordinary for flying indoors amid the approaching icy that is winter. Pleasant little size with secured propellers and appears as though it’ll be huge amounts of fun. Tap the catch underneath to get one for yourself.

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