Electric Shaver: Cost vs. Benefits

Most of us have doubts on what’s the difference an electric shaver compared to other types of shaver. Some consider buying it but because of its expensive price they still go with the disposable razor. If you could only take a time and think, what will you get in buying the expensive one to the cheaper shaver?

Comparing these two most well-known type of shaver is not that really hard. The disposable razor is cheaper but will it give you the quality that you want to achieve? Besides when you try to compute all the expenses that you will get in buying the product you will notice that it is not actually cheap. You will also need a shaving cream to avoid irritation, which is also an additional expense on your budget.

When you purchase the electric shaver you will first notice that it is expensive, but when you try to use it you will experience a clean and smooth skin. Another benefit of this shaver is that you will no longer buy razor heads often, which is a big difference to the disposable one. You will no longer spend more amounts of money just for the razor heads.

In addition, best electric razor can perform well even without applying any shaving cream or gel. It is very easy to use all you need is to clean first your shaver, wash your face thoroughly, rub the area that you will shave to know the direction of your hair, and gently shave it. It saves time especially when you are preparing yourself to go to work. You can still do your daily routine while you are shaving. The shaving process has fast result that you can do more than just spending most of your time shaving.

The benefits of the electric shaver are far from what the disposable razor can offer. Even if you are in a hurry shaving, you will never experience cuts or skin irritation because of its special blades and feature. Of course the freedom to choose from the different products of shaving is still in your hands. However, you must know the benefits that the product can give you and try to compute first the expenses that you will spend compare to other product.


A Simple Example and the Winner:

The disposable razor can cost 3 to 7 dollars for every one pack compared to the electric shaver that ranges its price from 40 to 50 dollars. One pack of the disposable razors contains 10 razors, which can be used for about 1 to 3 shaves. Aside from the pack of the disposable razor you are also oblige to buy shaving cream or gel, which cost 5 dollars, to avoid skin irritation or cuts. With this amount that you paid you thought that you already paid less.

However, if you compute all of your expenses by just buying the disposable razor and the lubricant you will notice that it is more expensive than the electric shaver. If you love to maintain your clean look you shave as often as you could in one month. Within that time range you could have used almost 15 disposable razors, which can total to 12 packs or 180 blades making your shaving cost to 60 dollars yearly.

The shaving lubricant is not included to that computation. In one year of shaving you might use 12 containers, which can also have a total of 60 dollar. Adding all this computation you need 120 dollars just for your shaving and that would be a huge amount to spend.

The electric shaver may be expensive but the benefit it will give you is far from the cheap disposable razor. The cost of an electrical shaver ranges from 40 to 50 dollars and the shaving head can be replaced after a continuous use of 6 months, which cost 30 dollars. The total cost of your shaving routine for one year will be 70 to 80 dollars.

Comparing the two type of shaver the electric shaver is cheaper than the disposable razors. In addition to its cheaper cost, electric shaver is a more effective way of shaving that has fast result and won’t cause skin irritation.

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